Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas is a Premier Nightclub in Las Vegas NV

Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas is a nightclub in Las Vegas NV at the Encore Hotel that opened Friday May 28th 2010 over Memorial Weekend. This venue is 5,000 square feet on the inside that utilizes the 40,000 square foot outdoor Encore Beach Club during operational hours in the evening. The combinations of both venues cost $67 million to develop, and are able to accommodate a capacity of 3,000 people, with a 1,400 person standing capacity. There are a total of 3 bars, with 1 main bar measuring 90 feet long on the inside that features a 90-foot chrome snake horizontally displayed behind the bar. There are a total of 7 dancer poles with stainless steel platforms that feature sexy go go dancers performing until 4am. This was the first property on the strip to combine the nightclub and dayclub experience together, and has the ability to be booked for private events for up to 3,000 in attendance.

Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas is the Premier Nightclub in Las Vegas NV that has 17 VIP table locations in the nightclub that include 4 Small Inside, 2 Medium Inside, and 4 Large Inside tables, as well as 6 U-Booths, and 1 private table for the guest DJs. There are contemporary yellow leather banquets on the parameter, and in the middle of the dance floor that match the yellow leather under the main bar countertop. The walls opposite from the main bar feature red silk drape curtains, 4 chrome mannequins, and different size and shaped mirrors on the ceiling that reflect the hardwood dance floor. The venue is wheelchair accessible, and contains state of the art temperature controlled air conditioning.

Encore Beach Club transforms into Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas in the evening. This nightclub in Las Vegas NV has a constructed a dance floor that hovers over the main pool of the beach club and contains 350 square feet of bungalows. The 2 story beach club has 3 pools, 8 bungalows with private bathrooms, and 26 poolside cabanas with flat screen tvs and refrigerators with 14 on the 1st floor, and 12 on the 2nd floor balcony that hold a captivating views of the strip. The beach club includes an additional 80 chaise lounges that you can reserve, along with 12 daybeds, and 19 water lily pads. Some of these VIP locations feature their own private pool, and shower. You can take a break from the partying and head over to the gaming pavilion that contains 8 tables for a few games of craps or black jack. During the winter time the 150 space heaters come in handy, along with a climate controlled dome as a wind shield, and an extended dance floor over the over the pool that increases the square footage by 5,000 feet. The beach club also has its own DJ booth separate from the indoor nightclub.

When is Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas open?

Operational hours at this nightclub in Las Vegas NV are on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 1030PM until 4:00AM during the spring, fall, and winter seasons. Wednesday night is consider locals night. During the summer they are open 4 days a week on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 1030PM until 4:00AM. Thursday nights during the summer are called “Thursday Nightswim” and its one big party.

Where is Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas located?

The location of this nightclub in Las Vegas NV is inside the Encore Hotel in between the high limit bar & slots in the casino, and Andrea’s Japanese Restaurant. When you arrive you should park at the Wynn self-park garage then make your way to the connecting casino entrance, then take a left where you will pass the VDKA Bar on your left and the Encore Player’s Club on your right. Then take another left after you pass the VDKA Bar, and you will walk right into it. You cannot go through the beach club to enter the nightclub.

Why types of music do they play at Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas?

Music genre at this nightclub in Las Vegas NV includes a mix of electronic dance music such as house, trance, and dub step, as well as hip hop, and top 40. It all really depends on what night you attend. Sometimes there is a mix of electronic dance music in the main room and hip hop and top 40 at the beach club area. It’s best to check the event schedule ahead of time so you know type of music genre is going to be played beforehand.

How long do I have to wait in line at Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas?

This nightclub in Las Vegas NV has a few different entry lines types that will determine the speed at which you will get inside, as as well as the day of the week, and the performing DJ. Obviously the line for bottle service is going to be faster, than line for the guest list, presale tickets, and general admission. The line for general admission is going to be slower than the guest list line, and pre-sale tickets line. The presale tickets line tends to move a little faster than the guest list line. Friday and Saturday takes about 25 minutes to 1 hour depending on the line type, and Wednesdays take about 20 to 35 minutes to get inside. During the summer, Thursday Nightswim can take as long as 40 minutes to 1 hour to get inside due to its popular demand.

How much is cover charge at Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas?

Cover charge at this nightclub in Las Vegas NV is approximately $30 to $45 for ladies, and $45 to $70 for men. The cover charge price fluctuates depending on the performing DJ, holiday, and the day of the week. If you purchase presale tickets, you might save a little money from the cover charge at the door, but then again there are services charges when you buy presale tickets online. If you are on the guest list and have an even guy to girl ratio, you maybe entitled to free or reduced admission. The club can adjust the price of their cover charge and may increase the price if their capacity is close to its limit, so it’s advisable to get there early to avoid this issue.

What is the dress code at Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas?

Dress code at this nightclub in Las Vegas NV enforces 2 types of dress codes. To make things easier on yourself, you should avoid sportswear, baggy, tank tops, jerseys, flip flops, or ripped clothing. Do not wear hats, tennis shoes, sunglasses, sag your pants. It’s advisable to dress to impress since this is a 5 star property. Wearing collared shits, nice jeans, dress pants, dress shoes, and sports jackets is highly advisable. Ladies should also dress to impress. During Thursday Nightswim you have the choice to wear a swimsuit/beachwear, or you must follow the standard dress code that the nightclub section requires. It’s never fun for you, or anyone in your group to get turned down by the doorman because their attire wasn’t up to par with the nightclub dress code standards.

Who are the resident DJs at Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas?

Resident Djs at this nightclub in Las Vegas NV featured a strong lineup for the summer of 2016 that included Audien, Dillon Francis, Flosstradamus, Grandtheft, Marshmello, NGHTMRE, RL Grime, Skrillex, and Yellow Claw. The resident DJ lineup for 2015 includes Grandtheft, Major Lazer, Martin Solveig, Max Vangeli, Morgan Page, Paper Diamond, RL Grime, and TJR. Also past performances and resident DJs include Afrojack, Alec Monopoly, Arty, Avicii, Bingo Players, Brandon Flowers, Calvin Harris, Cazzette, Cedric Gervais, David Guetta, Deadmau5, Diplo, DJ Five, Eric Prydz, Far East Movement, Kelly Rowland, Knife Party, Lil Jon, Lil’ Jon, Macklemore, Madeon, Manufactured Superstars, Morgan Page, MSlander, Ne-Yo, Porter Robinson, Ryan Lewis, Tiesto, TJR, Tommy Trash, TWill Sparks, Wolfgang Gartner, and Zedd. DJ Steve Aoki was once the music director for the nightclub.

Who developed Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas?

Development of this nightclub in Las Vegas NV was done by Steve Wynn and the Wynn Design Group in conjunction with nightlife managing partner Sean Christie, along with casino marketing specialist Bob Mancari. The design was done by Roger Thomas, and the interior design was done by Bukhari Design Studio out of Las Vegas. Lighting, audio, and visuals were developed by David Gunness who is the chief technology officer at Fulcrum Acoustics, and lighting and sound firm John Lyons Systems out of Hollywood, California.

How much money does Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas make?

Revenue generated at this nightclub in Las Vegas NV according to the Nightclub and Bar Top 100 list was ranked #8 in 2012 generating between $35 million and $45 million in revenue and was awarded. In 2013 the club was ranked #5 generating $45 million to $60 million in revenue. In 2014 they were ranked #4 generating $45 million to $50 million in revenue. In 2015 they were ranked #6 generating $40 million to $45 million.

What type of lighting does Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas have?

Lighting at this nightclub in Las Vegas NV features a $400,000 system that has installed over 120,000 LED lights by John Lyons Systems. Jonathan Shecter the Director of Programing for the Wynn implemented video programing that was able to enhance the lighting system that was originally installed. This lighting system is designed to illuminate the furniture and interior decorations vs theatrical entertainment lighting. The beach club lighting also contains John Lyons Systems lighting that is pushed by ChromeZone power and control interfaces that operate the Pulsar ChromaHeart fixtures, as well as Pulsar ChromaBatten, and Pulsar ChromaScape fixtures. The Pulsar ChromaHeart fixtures were used for the outdoor shower dance pavilions because they provided elegance, outdoor compatibility, and high illuminate output. The Pulsar ChromaBatten was used for illuminating the walls, and has 256 color levels that can create 16.7 million different colors. The Pulsar ChromaScape fixtures were used for the illuminating the surface level of the water of the pools.

What type of audio does Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas have?

Audio at this nightclub in Las Vegas NV that has been installed consists of an array of Fulcrum Acoustic Prophile series for compatibility, and high performance. The Fulcrum Prophile L dual 15 inch coaxial loudspeakers were used in the nightclub which offers wide dispersion, low frequency extension, and volume loud enough without disturbing the interior decorations. The nightclub also has 3 additional US221 subwoofers by Fulcrum Acoustic which are designed for nightclubs and live performance venues. The US221 subwoofers and are not visible, and are built in the concrete recesses. The Fulcrum Prophile M dual 12 inch coaxial loudspeakers are used as DJ monitor speakers at the beach club, and balcony that provides a 3 way coaxial system, offers wide coverage. The beach club also has Prophile Acoustic US212 subwoofers that are ideal for nightclubs and are also weather resistant.

What type of video system does Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas have?

Video at this nightclub in Las Vegas NV was upgraded by video guru Jonathan Shecter, and features over 7,000 square feet of LED screens throughout the property. Behind the DJ booth in the nightclub is an oversized LED Screen, as well a large flat screen TVs displayed throughout the beach club, bars, as well as in the cabanas, and bungalows.

Who designed the DJ booth at Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas?

This nightclub in Las Vegas NV hired the John Lyons Systems to build a glass DJ booth to eliminate damage from the Las Vegas seasonal climate change. There is an additional DJ booth inside the nightclub can streamline its music to the beach club, and the glass DJ booth at the beach club can streamline its music inside the nightclub.

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Club Hours

Wed, Fri, Sat
10:30PM – 4AM


Lavishly-appointed dance club & lounge with poolside seating & pole dancers in a hipster scene.

3131 S Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109