Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas is The New Club in Vegas for Luxury

Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas in a new club in Vegas at the Wynn Hotel that opened on the resorts 11th year anniversary on Apr. 28, 2016. This venue was developed by top designer Roger Thomas, and the Wynn Design and Development Group. Formerly known as Tryst, this 14,000 square foot luxury establishment holds a 1,200 person capacity, and features an additional private exclusive 1,200 square foot club inside the club that holds a 150 person capacity which includes space for 85 VIP patrons. This venue has a scorpion design floor plan much like a smaller version of XS with a total of 68 VIP table locations that include Stage, Dance Floor, Small Floor, Small Patio, and VIP Room tables, as well as Back Wall, Small Floor, and Upper White booths. In addition to the nightclub, there are 4 bars, and a 1,183 square foot patio that contains a 94-foot waterfall mountain that sits on top a 54 degree pond of water as the center focal point of the venue.

Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas is the new club in Vegas for luxury with 5 star surroundings and services that incorporate strict privacy policies that cater to high end clientele demands that incorporate a never done before social media free zone. This venue strives to deliver the highest level of exclusivity out of all of the Las Vegas nightclubs. It’s not about the money or the DJ like a lot of the other big clubs. It’s about privacy, socialization, exclusivity, intimacy, and offering something that every other club doesn’t offer like a “selfie wall”. Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas is the new club in Vegas that will not concentrate on the bringing in top DJs, celebrities, and performances on a regular basis, but will spend money consistently on changing the theme of the club regularly through its technology so guests have a new reason to return.

When is Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas open?

Operational hours in this new club in Vegas are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:30PM to 4:00AM

How long do I have to wait in line at Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas

Line waiting times in this new club in Vegas takes an estimated 35 minutes 1 hour to get inside. You can expect Friday, and Saturday for the line wait to take a bit longer than on Thursday. Expect to wait at least 1 hour over holidays. It all really depends on which line you are in. The line for bottle service will expedite the entry a lot quicker than the general admission, and guest list line.

How much is the cover charge at Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas?

Cover charge in this new club in Vegas is estimated to cost $25 to $30 for ladies, and $45 to $50 for men for general admission. You can expect the cover charge to increase during holidays, or special events.

What is the dress code at Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas?

Dress code in this new club in Vegas is enforced and strict at the door, so you should dress to impress to avoid any issues once you arrive. Men should wear collared shirts, jeans, dress pants, dress shoes, sports jackets. Guests should avoid sportswear, jerseys, ripped or clothing, tennis shoes, boots, and sneakers. Do not wear hats, or sunglasses, and avoid excessively baggy clothing, and hip hop wear. No one likes being turned down at the door so make sure you dress the part to enter without a problem.

What type of music do they play at Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas?

Music genres in this new club in Vegas include a mixture of EDM, Hip Hop, and top 40 music. Intrigue does not focus on popular DJs and performances, but will focus its attention on the changing theme ideas of the clubs appearance.

Who are the resident DJs at Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas?

Resident DJs in this new club in Vegas in 2016 that includes Eric Dlux, Politik, Marshmello, Daya, Jesse Marco, Konflikt, M.O.S., Justin Credible, Jerzy, Tinashe, Kiesza, and AlunaGeorge. Past DJ performances include Slander, Walshy Fire, DJ Excel, Nyla, DJ Spider, DJ Crooked, Eva Simons, Conor McGregor, Yellow Claw, Parson James, NGHTMRE, Kiiara. Kesha, Nick Jonas, and DuJour have hosted evenings in the summer of 2016.

What is the Main Room in Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas?

The Main Room in this new club in Vegas makes you pass through bookcase doors into a staircase, then guests will make their way through a hallway that uses white walls to project various words, images, and patterns used to create a new visual experience each time they visit. At the end of the hallways you will enter the Main Room, which uses white furniture, walls, and decoration so the lighting and projectors can create just about any type of theme or mood, and is perfect daytime events. There is a digital chandelier above the center of the dance floor, and sexy pole dancers deliver choreographed performances. The VIP table locations contain elevated tiers, so each table has a nice view of the DJ, performers, crowd, and dance floor. The Main has over-sized walkways creating easy access to the VIP tables, restrooms and bar areas.

What is the Private VIP Room in Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas?

The private VIP room in this new club in Vegas is dedicated the clubs high end clients that is invite only. This exclusive club inside the club is 1,400 square feet, holds 85 VIPs at 10 VIP table locations, and has a 150 person capacity. Louis Vuitton trunks have been used to create bookcase liquor lockers. The Private VIP Room has its own bar, DJ booth, restrooms, and there are two way mirrors behind the bar that offer private views into the Main Room. You can store valuable personal belongings safely in the lockers. The Private VIP Room also has a large flat screen TV that features a live video feed of the action that is happening inside the Main Room. This area of the club is also a social media free zone policy that is strictly enforced.

What is the Glass Enclosed Patio in Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas?

A glass enclosed patio in this new club in Vegas has been installed that is 1,183 square feet and contains VIP tables, trees with dangling chandlers, bar, mountain waterfall, pond, fountains, and seating alcoves. The Glass Enclosed Patio is the perfect spot for some fresh air and to enjoy the view of the pyrotechnics show.

What is the Waterfall at Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas?

The waterfall in this new club in Vegas in on the outdoor patio that was part of Tryst and is considered to be the center landmark of the club. The 94-foot waterfall is connected to mountain that features flaming fire, projected visuals, and is connected to a 54 degree pond with active fountains in the water. The Waterfall is connected to a sculptured mountain with 3 fall drops, is attached to 2 alcoves on each side. To the left of the to the waterfall lies a full bar, and to the right are chandeliers that dangle from the tree’s branches.

How many bars does Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas have?

4 bars in this new club in Vegas exist with 2 bars at opposite ends of the parameter of the room which are evenly aligned with the center of the dance floor. The 3rd bar is located in the Private Room of the club which offers views into the main room through two–way mirrors. The 4th bar is on the patio which is constructed into the mountain.

What type of lighting does Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas have?

Lighting in this new club in Vegas was designed and developed by John Lyons Systems out of Los Angeles, California. Ormolu II Sconces fixtures by Boyd Lighting were installed, which were designed by Roger Thomas of the Wynn Design and Development Group. This lighting system uses projection and laser technology throughout the venue. White was the best background option to be able to transform the look of the club.

What type of video does Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas have?

Video in this new club in Vegas is complex that consists of 32 projectors that are scattered around the venue displaying a variety colors, images, and patterns which uses white to create just about any scene desired.

What type of sound does Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas have?

Sound in this new club in Vegas was also designed by the John Lyons Systems. The sound system uses 110 decibels on the clubs interior and 80 dBs on the outdoor patio.

Intrigue Nightclub Las Vegas logo.

Club Hours

Thur-Sat 10:30PM – 4AM


14,000 square foot nightclub located in the Wynn Hotel with a social media free zone.

3131 S Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109