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Thank you for contacting Las Vegas Nightclubs Inc., the premier Vegas clubs hosting agency for the nightlife and daylife industry. Our goal in creating this company was to develop a platform that would deliver an unmatched user experience for our clients and for those who seek further in depth knowledge about the venues, bottle service reservations, guestlist information, and tickets to events. We are team of Professional Web Developers, and SEO Experts that currently provide Internet marketing services for many of the top Fortune 500 companies, and have also had a great amount experience in helping local nightclubs become more visible in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, along with numerous localized mobile platforms, and web directories. Each of us have worked, and has always had a love for the nightlife industry, so it just make sense to combine our career talents together and create a company that would compete in the largest sector of the nightlife industry, Las Vegas!

We feel that if people are willing to spend high dollar, then they should be entitled to all the information there is about the things that they are spending their money on, and that’s why Las Vegas Nightclub Inc. is the ultimate Vegas clubs hosting agency and guide to everything you could want to know about. We provide unmatched in depth information about the venues such as design details, development, operation hours, dress codes, lighting, video, and audio specifications etc. We provide all the VIP table locations, and their estimated table minimums, along with our own custom branded menus, and floor plans with their table locations for bottle service reservations.

It took a year for Las Vegas Nightclubs Inc. to develop our Vegas clubs hosting agency which accumulated to hundreds of hours of research that has already generate over 80,000 words of content at the time of our launch. We will continually be growing the company and will be adding the dayclubs, strip clubs, and tickets for events over the next few months. We wanted to create an industry authoritative system that would develop a solid reputation on its through consistent branding, marketing, and building relationship with each of our clients, and we look forward to working with you in any way possible.

Las Vegas Nightclubs Inc. represents the following Vegas clubs at the moment: 1 OAK, Chateau, Drais’s After Hours, Drai’s, Foxtail, Ghostbar, Hakkasan, Hyde, Intrigue, Jewel, Lavo, Light, Marquee, Omnia, Surrender, Tao, and XS. We are also interested in adding smaller lounges and bars in the Las Vegas area to our inventory that offer table reservations, so please contact us if you like us to consider a future partnership with your venue.

Las Vegas Nightclubs Inc. saw that Vegas clubs have grown by 300% over the last decade because of the EDM explosion, and real estate development on the strip. It’s only getting bigger as the older casino hotels are being demolished, only to be replaced by new 5 star luxury resort hotels and casinos that without a doubt will develop more nightclubs and dayclubs with them. We are here to be the best at what we do, and that is building and growing companies with the goal in mind of delivering unmatched customer service to capitalize on this everlasting trend as we position ourselves as a leader in this industry!

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