Foxtail Nightclub Las Vegas is the Fashionable Nightclub in Vegas

Foxtail Nightclub Las Vegas is a nightclub in Vegas at SLS Hotel & Casino that open on April 24th 2014. The property was previously known as the Sahara Hotel & Casino which closed its doors May 16, 2011, and re-opened with the completion of $415 million dollar remodel on August 23rd 2016.  This nightlife venue designed and developed by Philippe Starck and Gensler Architects in collaboration with French calligrapher artist Tarek Benaoum, who displays a signature mixture Old English calligraphy font, street artwork, and graffiti on the interior walls and ceiling space. This 8,036 square foot venue has a 500 person capacity, and is seamlessly attached to a 41,145 square foot outdoor pool club, creating an additional 2,000 person capacity. The integration of this indoor and outdoor space creates a total of 49,181 square feet of space, with a 2,500 person capacity. There are 41 VIP table locations inside that include Section 1, Patio, 3rd Tier, 2nd Tier, Elevated VIP, and Dance Floor tables. The pool club has 57 VIP locations that include 31 daybeds, and 26 cabanas. In addition to the nightclub there are 2 full bars and 2 black jack tables if you are feeling lucky.

Foxtail Nightclub Las Vegas is the fashionable nightclub in Vegas that splits up 3 sections in one main room. The color theme is mostly black and white, and the oversized black leather wrap-around sofas blend in perfectly with the checker flooring. This contemporary hot spot has decorative chandeliers, a catwalk style stage, DJ booth for the performing talent, and oversized bird cages for models and go-go dancers. If you are looking for a smaller and more intimate place to party, along with table minimums that will work with your budget, this is the place to party, especially if you love hip hop. Celebrities are also known to make host appearances quite frequently too.

When is Foxtail Nightclub Las Vegas open?

Operational hours at this nightclub in Vegas are Friday, and Saturday from 10:30PM to 4:00AM.

Where is Foxtail Nightclub Las Vegas located?

The location of this nightclub in Vegas is in the SLS Hotel at the far North end of the strip in between the Stratosphere and the Westgate Resort. The venue is across from the Sayers Club on the first floor near the middle of the resort.


How much is cover charge at Foxtail Nightclub Las Vegas?

Cover charge at this nightclub in Vegas is $20 for females and $30 for males. You can expect the cover charge price to increase during holidays. If you are on the guest list you may be entitles to free or reduced admission depending on the event type.

How long do I have to wait in line at Foxtail Nightclub Las Vegas?

Line waiting times at this nightclub in Vegas is approximately 15 to 20 minutes depending on the line you are standing in. The Guest list line is going to move faster than the general admission line. The line for presale tickets during special events will move about as fast as the guest list line. The line for bottle service reservation will move the fastest.

What type of music do they play at Foxtail Nightclub Las Vegas?

Music genre in this nightclub in Vegas is mostly Hip Hop music, and feature live performances from various hip hop artists. From time to time there is some house music that gets play but in 201 the focus has been on Hip Hop music.

Who are the resident DJs at Foxtail Nightclub Las Vegas?

Resident DJS in this nightclub in Vegas in 2016 include Wellman, DJ Ikon, DJ Hollywood.

Who are the past performers at Foxtail Nightclub Las Vegas?

Performers in this nightclub in Vegas in the past featured Boregore, T-PAIN, Kylie Jenner, Thomas Gold, Robin Thickie, Kiesza, Michael Wood, Nelly, T-Pain, lil John, Ice T, DJ Five, Ty Dolla $ign, DJ Carisma, and Method Man and Redman to name a few.

What is the dress code at Foxtail Nightclub Las Vegas?

Dress code in this nightclub in Vegas is enforced by the staff. It is advised that you dress upscale casual. Jeans, collared shirts, dress shoes, and dress pants are advised. You should not wear any type on sportswear such as jerseys, hip hop clothing, and basketball shoes. Do not wear excessively baggy or ripped clothing of any kind. Sunglasses should not be worn at night nor should hats. The dress is not as strict as a lot of the bigger clubs, but you should not test their limits otherwise you risk being called out. It’s best to dress in such a manner that will allow you to not have any problems at any of the venues.

Where are the bars in Foxtail Nightclub Las Vegas?

2 Bars in this nightclub in Vegas exist. The first bar is located directly behind the DJ booth at the casino entrance end of the room. The second bar is located just past the dance floor on the left hand side before you exit to the outdoor pool club.

What type of lighting does Foxtail Nightclub Las Vegas have?

Lighting in this nightclub in Vegas has a state-of-the-art design by SJ Lighing. Elation lighting was the preferred fixtures were that were installed. SJ Lighting incorporated large LED lighting fixtures, with the Daktronics LED video display system across ceiling space over that dance floor.

What type of DJ Equipment does Foxtail Nightclub Las Vegas have?

DJ equipment in this nightclub in Vegas consists of 1 DMJ900 Mixer and 4 CDJ2000’s from Pioneer. Speaker monitors include 4 DV-SUB Subwoofers, and 6 DV DOCS Tops by L-Acoustics. Last but not least there is a RMX-1000 effects unit from Pioneer.

What type of video does Foxtail Nightclub have?

Video in this nightclub in Vegas has a system that was designed by Daktronics. There is s 10 mm pixel display LED video that has been implemented over the dance floor. There are 95 LED modules used over 100 square feet of LED display, creating a total of over 90.000 pixels. The LED video display system required 11 truckloads of equipment to be transported and installed.

What type of audio does Foxtail Nightclub Las Vegas have?

Audio in this nightclub in Vegas uses a Funktion-One audio system that delivers high quality sound from different parameters on the venue from the indoor and outdoor DJ booths.

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Club Hours

Fri-Sat 10:30PM – 4AM


Nightclub at the SLS offering cocktails & light eats in a stylish setting with DJs.

2535 S Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109