Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas is the Premier Las Vegas Night Club of 2018

Welcome to Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas. This Las Vegas night club is owned and operated by global hospitality company “The Hakassan Group” of Adbu Dabi. This spectacular venue was formerly known as “Pure” at Caesars Palace that underwent a $100 million dollar renovation that took 225,000 man hours to build, which cost about $3.5 million to redesign. The redesign more than doubled its size to 75,000 square feet. Much excitement was anticipated for the opening in late March 2015. This 3 story venue has 97 VIP table locations found in 4 sections that consist of the Main room, featuring the Heart of Omnia, the mezzanine balcony level with sky boxes and sky suites, and the rooftop terrace that overlooks the strip.

Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas is the premier Las Vegas night club of 2016 and a project of its own kind. The venue is wheelchair accessible featured state-of-the-art climate controlled air conditioning unit. The Architecture was designed by David Rockwell and over saw by studio leader and partner Shawn Sullivan of the Rockwell Group out of New York, and was built by the Penta Building Group out of Las Vegas that used granite and stone that was imported from Spain, Italy, Hungary, Budapest, and China.
As you are greeted at Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas, the entry of this Las Vegas night club is completely roped off with lines created for table reservations, VIP list entry, presale ticket entry, & general admission entry lines that are operated by a highly organized staff of hosts and security guards. The entry room is surrounded by purple velvet walls that create a classy look at the entry point. Welcome to undisputed King of clubs!

When is Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas open?
Operational hours at this Las Vegas night club are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10:30PM to 4:00AM.

How much is the cover charge at Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas?
Cover charge at this Las Vegas night club depends on the dj that is performing that night, so the cost for general admission is between $20 to $40 for ladies, and $40 to $60 for men. Nights with top tier headliner djs and holidays can cause general admission prices to reach as high as $100 per person.

How long do I have to wait in line at Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas?
The wait times at this Las Vegas night club depends on which line you are standing in. There is a line for general admission, guest list, presale tickets, and bottle service reservations. Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays tend to move a bit faster than Fridays, and Saturdays. Guests can expect to wait between 1 hour, and 2 hours on busy nights. The guest list line will move quicker than the general admission line, but the presale tickets line tends to move faster than the guest list line. The line for bottle service reservations moves the fastest. Holidays and top tier dj performances create the longest line waits.

What is the dress code at Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas?
Dress code in this Las Vegas night club is enforced follows a strict dress code that has the right to refuse anyone who does not meet their standards. It would be a god idea to not wear baggy clothing, sportswear such as baseball caps, jerseys, sweat pants, and running shoes. You should dress to impress the door men who have the final say so whether you are getting in or not. We suggest you wear dress shoes, collared shirts, nice pants, or jeans without holes in them.

What type of music do they play at Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas?
Music genres in this Las Vegas night club include house, trance, and various types of electronic dance music in the main room and the outdoor terrace. Hip hop music is found in the Heart of Omnia.

Who are the resident DJs at Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas?
Resident DJ’s of this Las Vegas night club in 2016 are Above and Beyond, Afrojack, Alesso, Andrew Rayel, Armin Van Buuren, Chuckie, Martin Garrix, Nervo, Nicky Romero, Cavin Harris, Nervo, Krewella, Oliver Heldens, Showtek, Steve Angelo, and The Chainsmokers.

Who are the audio, video, and lighting designers at Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas?
This Las Vegas night club involved technical director Gerardo Gonzales of the Hakkasan Group and Omnia, and VP of music James Algate of the Hakkasan Group worked in close conjunction with the technical design team consisting of project technical manager Chris Kmiec, project coordinator Mags Morton, installment and liaison director Len Bolger, and support team leader Jen O’Neil of the UK based company, Audiotek.

What is the Main Room in Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas?
The main room of this Las Vegas night clu is the biggest part of the club that has a 74 foot domed ceiling and features the Opal and Velvet bars which the names can speak for themselves that provide awesome views of the performing entertainment. This is the largest dance floor in Las Vegas that is surrounded by gold leather VIP seating. As you enter the main room of this massive venue, you can tell this project was built with the purpose to recreate a European Opera Concert Hall into a modern night club that would focus its attention on video walls and a 13,000 lb kinetic chandelier.

What type of video does Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas have?
Video in this Las Vegas night club features an Absen A103 LED wall that weight more than 10 tons. This LED wall is controlled by Avolites Ai servers found at the grandMA desk. The LCD portals are embedded inside dark mirrors on 4 sides of the walkway that is controlled by digital technology change appearance as guests enter the main club. 80% of the TV in the main room are connected together in an IT room in the basement, which consists of 4 of video servers powered by V Squared Labs of St. Panorama City, California.

What is the Heart of Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas?
The main room of this Las Vegas night club is accompanied by an ultra-lounge, known as the Heart of Omnia that features Private VIP seating, along with its own DJ booth, and bar bartenders that are ready to serve you. The Heart of Omnia is an intimate ultra-lounge on the main floor that is adjacent to the club. It was created by the Hakkasan Group and the H.Wood Group out of West Hollywood, California. The Heart of Omnia features rich designs, along with dark woods. There are vertical strips of Absen A103 LED that is operated by an AI media server that is pushed by an Avolites Sapphire console. There are bronze leather banquets, along with stone tile floors that create a sexy and seductive atmosphere. The Heart of Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas is only part of this Las Vegas night club that plays hip hip music, and has featured DJ performances by popular hip hop artists such as Rev Run, Jazzy Jeff, Irie, D-Nice, and Eric D-Lux.

What is the kinetic chandelier at Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas?
A kinetic chandelier in this Las Vegas night club weighs 13,000 lbs and is the centerpiece of the main room. The chandelier is made up of eight oval concentric rings that are 40 feet in diameter. The chandelier includes scenic elements of frosted vaccu-formed plastic, moves 4 feet per second, and drops over 80 feet.. The chandelier was created by Tait Towers lighting designers and incorporated production elements including theatrical lighting effects, choreographed LED, and video projections. The kinetic chandelier is operated by TAIT’s Navigator Automation System that uses 21 winches, and is rarely static by always changing its visual display shapes by rotating into various programmed configurations. 2 rings have 51 moving head lights embedded into them. This production feature at Omnia Las Vegas Nightclub is unlike any other Las Vegas night club has ever seen. The biggest ring is 32 feet in diameter, and the smallest ring is 3 feet in diameter. The kinetic chandelier has 20,152 tri-color LED pixels, 357 crystals on the center 3 rings were 102 crystals are lit with 2,448 individual LED pixels. Audiotek added Robe Pointes and Robe Robin MMX Spots on 2 of the rings to increase movements, and Martin Professional VC-Strips were incorporated in bottom of the rings.

What is the Mezzanine Balcony in Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas?
There are 2 staircases in this Las Vegas night club that lead up to the mezzanine balcony level, that features 12 skyboxes, along with 2 additional grand skyboxes that hold incredible views of the of the largest dance floor in Las Vegas. On the balcony you will find the Mirror bar that features shimmering mirror displays that change appearance depending on the angle you look at them. The mezzanine balcony level leads up to an L-shaped outdoor terrace, that offers panoramic views of the strip, dj booth, dance floor, 50 foot bar, cabanas, and sofas.

What type of lighting system does the Mezzanine Balcony in Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas have?
This Las Vegas night club has a 193 foot LED ribbon, which wraps around the entire mezzanine balcony. The mezzanine balcony also has 4 Ayrton MagicPanel-R fixtures with 24 Robe Robin 300E Spots under the mezzanine, and there are 16 Ayrton MagicBlade-R units above it.

What is the Outdoor Terrace at Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas?
The outdoor terrace in this Las Vegas night club is on the roof top. The outdoor terrace has its own dj booth, dance floor, main bar, and cabanas with luxurious sofas that provide views of the Las Vegas strip. It is equipped with LED strips are found in the floors and walls; the lighting creates the perfect mood for the outdoor atmosphere, with lounge type music.

What type of audio does the Outdoor Terrace at Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas have?
The outdoor terrace at this Las Vegas night club has an audio system was designed to prevent as noise disturbance from carrying over to the streets, so Omnia turned to Chris Kimec of Audiotek who implemented a Renkus-Heinz Iconyx sound system that is weatherized for protection and to be more cost effective. There are 8 Renkus-Heinz Iconyx ICL-R column arrays are pushed by Rhaon II System Manager, and a Renkus-Heinz IC118S-R subwoofer.

What other technology does Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas have?
Other technology in this Las Vegas night club that helps create its own signature includes Laserworld PM8200 lasers, Ayrton Blade lazers, Ayrton Magic Panel, TMB Solaris Flares, and Robe Faze machines in the main room. As far as video is concerned, 80% of the TVs are connected by fiber that sits on 4 racks of computer video servers from V Squared Labs that use Microsoft Xbox Kinect cameras to produce interactive elements that contain numerous effects. The set-up currently runs three Avolites Media Ai EX8 media servers for controlling content .The truss over and around the dj booth have 4 MMX spots.

Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas logo.

Club Hours

Tue, Thur-Sun 10:30PM – 4AM


Omnia is located inside Caesars Palace.

3570 S Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109

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