Hakkasan bottle service is probably in the top 3 most expensive nightclubs for bottle service in America. There are several reasons why the price is so high. First, the quality of services at the club is top notch. People are willing to pay top dollar for top notch services, and that isn’t going away any time soon in the hottest city for nightlife entertainment. If you decide to make a reservation at the club directly, then you are going to be making a reservation with someone you might not have any relationships with, and they are going to charge you full price.

Las Vegas is among top destinations in the world where you can access high-end entertainment. The management of Hakkasan Nightclub has put measures in place to ensure you achieve the best services you deserve. People are even willing to pay more by giving out huge tips after they book a table at the nightclub since their enjoyment ended up surpassing their expectations. If you are looking to get into some fun, and aren’t shy about spending big money than it has all you need for you to enjoy a good time with your buddies.

Main Room for Bottle Service at Hakkasan Nightclub

So why is Hakkasan bottle service so expensive? Here are some of the reasons that you should consider before book you your reservation.

Top tier DJs perform at the club as contracted residents that perform on a consistent basis. Some of these top DJs that you can experience mixing their beats a few nights a month include names like Hardwell and Tiesto. The Las Vegas nightlife scene hires the profile of DJs that will attract a high end paying crowd on its own. Some of the DJs contracts with Hakkasan Nightclub are in the millions without question are paid top dollar for their performances. Newbie travelers to Las Vegas don’t expect to pay the rates they run into to enjoy these world-class DJs. The more expensive the DJ costs to perform, the more expensive admission, and table minimum will cost.

Hakkasan Nightclub is always busy! The law of supply and demand dictates the prices of the Hakkasan bottle service on extremely packed nights. On weekends and holidays you can find the place at capacity by midnight. On the busiest night there are more than 500 staff members on duty. Hakkasan is a worldwide brand with restaurants and clubs all over the world and the name attracts those who have plenty of money, and they don’t think twice about spending it partying with friends celebrating.

Prime table locations in Hakkasan are more expensive than others. Everybody knows that the closer your table is to the DJ, the more expensive the table minimum is going to cost. There are 5 different rooms including the restaurant at Hakkasan. Tables have reached as high as $50,000 to be located next to the DJ booth for Hakkasan bottle service during holidays like New Years so if if this club doest fall into your budet you might want to check out some Las Vegas bottle service deals at other nightclubs. There are quieter sections of the club where you can spend your time peacefully interacting with friends without being overwhelmed by loud music, but the table locations in these areas aren’t going to cost as much as some of the other locations like the main room and mezzanine balcony.

The interior design of Hakkasan Nightclub was created to set a new standard of Las Vegas nightlife. If you have been to this venue, you can agree that the club features a remarkable interior design. Different people have different preferences and Hakkasan is designed just for that. You have the freedom to choose from the Mezzanine, Pavilion, Ling Ling Lounge, or the Dance Floor Tables, and Upper Dance Floor tables in the main room. The Ling Ling Lounge is a great peace to enjoy a night of hip hop music. The Pavilion is located on the 4th floor and features 2 story waterfalls. The mezzanine overlooks the main room with 15 table locations spread out in a U shape setting.

Ling Ling Lounge for Hakkasan Bottle Service

Remember VIP tables at this nightclub attract top dollars, celebrities, and people from all over the world are willing to pay for Hakkasan bottle service due to its brand name. With 80,000 square feet to cover inside the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, you better believe that the monthly rent costs a fortune to keep their doors open.