The Las Vegas nightclubs work with promoters and hosts that sell Las Vegas bottle service for a living an know the ins and out of the clubs they represent. A good VIP host and promoter should always prompt you to go for their bottle service deals which isn’t a bad idea, especially if they are top earners for the clubs, and then they have the ability to pull strings for their clients with the best table locations. If you book reservations through host, they get a percentage of the bottle plus a gratuity or service fee which is usually $100 per $1000 spent, 10%, or $20 to $40 a head for line entry. A good quality host will make a few alternative options for accommodating your group. These include VIP service entry, tickets and guest list. A more affordable option falling in between tickets and bottle comes in the form of VIP table package, offering all the advantages of Las Vegas bottle service deals with more reasonable.

Bottle service at XS Nightclub in the main room.

“No Line, No Cover”

A very frequent feature of making a bottle services reservation is the fact that you won’t be made to wait in lines or shell out extra money for cover charges. Apparently, it looks good, but don’t forget that you have already paid for that. When making a reservation for bottle service, the clubs demand you to pay out a specified minimum amount after you get seated. In the process, the club ensures making sufficient money to permit you to skip the lines and paying cover fees. The prices of bottles that you may order are already jacked up.


For patronizing any club in Vegas, bottle service isn’t the lone option. There are ways to enter these clubs without any hassles. The best and most convenient option is to go online and buy presale tickets. It is no different than buying tickets for live shows, events, sports games and concerts. Tickets ensure your entry provided you follow the rules concerning the dress code, age and arriving before time.

It is expensive

For instance Marquee bottle service starts at out $550 – $600 which makes sense to buy two bottles for a group of five or more people. Apart from the price, you have to pay gratuity, sales tax, plus the expense of booking the bottle service. Omnia bottle service will run you $1100 to $1300 for a 2 bottle minimum and is pretty much the stand rate at all of the top nightclubs. The average price of entry ticket for males comes to about $50 and for females is about $30.

Bottle service at XS Nightclub.

You become a VIP when buying Las Vegas Bottle service 

To be recognized as a VIP, you should be prepared to spend quite a few thousands. You should realize that there are a number of other people buying bottle service too. Don’t believe the people walking on Las Vegas Blvd promising you extra VIP treatment when buying for buying when the customer service is left up to the club to handle.

You should also remember that the price of bottle plus the minimum buying conditions also go up substantially when there are any special events, celebrities, guest DJs and holidays. The same holds true for ticket prices and cover charges. It will be worthwhile to book your ticket in advance and avoid paying higher prices.

Now that you know how to deal with the bottle services, let’s see what are the top clubs in Las Vegas that you need to visit:


If your wallet can keep up with your expectations, these are the top nightclubs you should check out (and the most expensive ones as well):

  • Omnia Nightclub – #1 nightclub in America at Caesars Palace.
  • Marquee Nightclub – if you are looking for an unforgettable club with top notch performers at the Cosmopolitan.
  • XS Nightclub – an elegant and luxurious club environment at the Encore Hotel.
  • Hakkasan Nightclub – 5 room nightclub with restaurant at the MGM Grand.
  • Drai’s Nightclub – Dayclub and nightclub life, and after hours at the Cromwell Hotel.
  • Jewel Nightclub – The newest club in Las Vegas in the Aria Hotel.
  • Light Nightclub – Full stage production but plays only hip hop at the Mandalay Bay
  • Intrigue Nightclub – Newest nightlife project by the Wynn Group at the Wynn Hotel.

If you are looking for something more affordable, here are other nightclubs that are worth your time

  • Hyde Nightclub – exclusive bottle service and a stunning view of the Bellagio Fountains
  • Tao Nightclub – a nightlife destination for the finest cuisine from Asia in the Venetian.
  • Chateau Nightclub – French Nightclub located at the Paris Hotel with on outdoor rooftop beer garden.
  • Ghostbar – The longest running and most famous nightlife spot in Las Vegas at the Palms currently remodeling.


We should not forget about the Las Vegas dayclubs and pool parties. Here are some of the most important, in no particular order:

  • Wet Republic – Known for top tier EDM djs located the Signature at the MGM Grand.
  • Marquee Dayclub – Awesome day club pool parties at the Cosmopolitan
  • Rehab – Longest lasting pool party in Las Vegas located at the Hard Rock Hotel.
  • Daylight – Excellent dayclub with spectacular lighting rig located at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.
  • Drai’s Beachclub – Hip Hop day club attached to Drai’s Nightclub at the Cromwell Hotel.
  • Encore Beach Club – Day club that shares space with Surrender Nightclub at the Encore Hotel.
  • XS Night Swim – Currently the #1 pool party in Las Vegas at the Encore Hotel.


Venture into Night Partying for a Lifetime Experience!

If you haven’t been to a Las Vegas nightclub, either you haven’t reached adolescence yet, or you have wasted the ignited passion of your youth! Las Vegas, the nightclub capital of the world, beckons youths and does a good job too. Such livable nightlife isn’t found anywhere else in the world on a 2-mile radius. In fact, it is a billion-dollar industry annually when you add up all the revenue generated from the clubs and pool parties.

Las Vegas is known worldwide for its nightclubs, and this is the reason why people attract to this place from all over the world. Irrespective of the age, people come here for enjoyment and entertainment. Moreover, the busy corporate lifestyle of people has instilled boredom in modern man’s life. Hectic life schedule combined with peer pressures from professional as well as personal lives has compelled man to look for healthier stress relieving alternatives. Las Vegas nightclubs and Las Vegas bottle service are both savior’s in this regard!

The rocking music, DJs and overall ambience of the place is suitable enough for any person to get the solace of mind. Dancing, singing and swaying to the tunes of the music are known to be some very effective methods for getting rid of apprehensiveness of life.

If meditating renders inner peace; night partying acts as a tranquilizer for stressed out minds!

Next, the biggest concern: how to book a nightclub at Las Vegas? Well, it isn’t difficult particularly if you are making the right search. If you are planning for partying in the Las Vegas nightclubs, you need to book in advance; most preferably you should go for an online booking with a reputable source that can answer all of your questions. Given below is a step by step protocol for you:

Note down your requirements beforehand.

What do you need for partying? How many tables? How many bottles? What’s the male/female ratio in your group? What’s your budget for the party? These are some of the important things that should be jotted in a paper before looking for a venue to party. Give the exact details of what you are looking for to your host and they will line up the rest. If you are from out of town or don’t know anyone that works at the nightclubs, without access to the internet, you won’t be a reservation unless you call the club directly. So in order to go through all the nightclubs, spare few minutes from your busy schedule, get a steaming mug of coffee, open your laptop and Google your search to find what nightclub is perfect for you. Online searching and booking is the best option if you do not have any relationships but are interesting in making Las Vegas bottle service reservations at any of the Las Vegas nightclubs and day clubs.