You may be wondering, what are the top 10 reasons to visit Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas? If you are comparing this club to other venues, then we have some great information to entice you to choose this destination over others. Once you discover this information you shouldn’t be surprised why this is one of the most expensive clubs in the world. If you like to save money on each purchase you make, booking reservations at this venue might not be for you. But, what do you expect when you are paying for top entertainment in Las Vegas?Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas logo

  • 1. This is the largest nightclubs in Las Vegas sitting at 75,000 square feet with 100 VIP table. There are 3 floors, and 4 sections. The main floor features the largest dance floor out of all the nightclubs in Las Vegas and is connected the separate hip hop room called The Heart of Omnia. The second floor is called the mezzanine and offers a 360 degree view of the dance floor with 11 VIP on around the parameter of the glass barricade. There is also an outdoor roof top terrace with 26 VIP tables and its own DJ and bar.
  • 2. Omnia Nightclub is a world class nightclub known for having a 1 of a kind kinetic lighting chandelier system that was design by Tait. People are willing to travel from different parts of the world so that they can experience what some say is the 8th wonder of the world.
  • 3. This nightclub generates the most money out of all of the Hakkasan Nightclub venues worldwide where you will pay top dollar for their world class services and there really is no way getting around this. Most people who book Omnia bottle service reservations are high-end people are not afraid to spend their money on the best services in the nightlife entertainment industry.
  • 4. Top performing DJs at Omnia Nightclub are paid well. The fees paid to the DJs are factored into the pricing of everything that you pay for, but you will never regret quality of talent. The club goes the extra distance to make you feel you are in the right place for what you have paid.Dance Floor Table for Omnia Bottle Service
  • 5. The music system at the club is second to none. Even if you have the best home theater system in the world, the quality of the sound played inside and outside on the terrace can compete with just about anything in the world. The acoustic setup is nothing short of precision from any angle.
  • 6. Top celebrities attend Omnia Nightclub. Celebrities make a lot of money, and they are not afraid to spend it. They usually and pay top dollar if they are not hosting, but the clubs usually upgrades them and places them in the most visible locations to create hype. If you are willing to spend hard earned money on Omnia bottle service then don’t be surprised of a celebrity is in the booth next to you. When a celebrity does host the evening you can be sure to expect that the club has paid them a lot of money so you can expect the table minimums and the price for admission to cost more.
  • 7. Top artists perform at Omnia Nightclub and they are paid top dollars which increases the price of the VIP services. You should be prepared to pay top dollar for their talent alone. The quality of performances at the nightclub makes the club a top destination. You shouldn’t feel bad about spending a little money if you deserve it. You should feel proud sitting at a VIP table and watching some of the artists performing at the #1 nightclub in America. Just expect that the better the DJ the more expensive the night will be.
  • 8. Prime locations in Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas cost more than others. First of all the club is located in Las Vegas, so you know that tables in nightclubs there are already expensive to begin with but when you start buying prime locations, you are spending some real money. People are willing to pay more $10,000 or higher for prime locations. If several people several people are willing to pay top dollar for the same table you might end up regret letting you ego get the best of you later.
  • 9. Top liquor brands are sold in Omnia Nightclub. There are some liquor and champagne brands which cost more than $25,000 per bottle. If you book Omnia bottle service where you specify the top champagne to be served, be ready to pay a heavy bill at the end of the night.
  • 10. Omnia Nightclub has an attractive looking staff on duty with some of the most gorgeous bottle service waitresses in Las Vegas that are not only screened for their looks, but for their level of experience.Cocktail Waitress for Bottle Service at Omnia Nightclub

Now that you have read the top 10 reasons to visit Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas, the next step is deciding when you want to visit. Contact our company to help you arrange Las Vegas bottle service at this venue by the submitting any the form on our site.